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Almanac Of Style (AOS) is a travel and style blog and website that searches the globe for the unique location for travel, and the fashion/decor entrepreneurs that are worth seeing in your travels at home and abroad.  Almanac of Style is a must see site; lush photography, in-depth interviews, fabulous fashions, unique creations and delightful quirkiness.  Each Holiday Season Almanac offers specialty items from various entrepreneurs as gifts, give-aways or contests.  Keep your eyes on this site that is expanding its' brand in more and more countries and cities that may have escaped you until now!


Wild Life Reserve

111 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

3/2015 to 12/2015

Wild Life Reserve is an extraordinary design boutique for their own fashion lines and manufacturing for other designer lines.  The boutique operates in both one-of-a-kind retail garments and accessories and custom design.  Wild Life also operates a fashion entrepreneurs incubator to train in business skills, branding, marketing, and through fashion events.  The boutique is currently eliminating their retail operations and expanding their own fashion lines to a more national audience.  Looking forward to a new relationship.

Community Book Center

2523 Bayou Road, New Orleans

Jewelry Trunk Show


Community Book Center is a bookstore; a culturally Afrocentric place to meet, to buy and to participate.  The Center is a jewel in the city of neighborhoods; locals and tourists meet, conversations abound on global current events, the questions of Katrina never too far from memory, and the charm of this 4 block strip of single proprietorships that has survived so much and persists in spite of it all.  American Express has launched a nationwide Small Business initiative and the Center became the focal point of their New Orleans coverage.  A local atist was commissioned to paint a mural on the parking lot wall of the Center and Saturday, December 28th produced a small business event resplendant with a brass band, Second Line, and nearly every media outlet in the city, including media from the Home Office of American Express.  The Centers activities included author book signings, poets, singers, musicians and vendors throughout the weekend.  The Center continues to evolve towards thriving and meeting the interests and needs of the community.

Rhythm and Hues Artspace

1501 Canal Street, New Orleans

12/2014 to 12/2015

Sculpture, fiber arts, baticks and jewelry exhibitions

Rhyhm and Hues Artspace was a pop-up premier gallery operated in a free space offered by HRI Properties as an experimental community, emerging artists showcase and housing development. The partnership promoted the best of New Orleans synchronicity. The space garnered city-wide recognition and honors for its' non-traditional fine arts and fine crafts, broadened marketing channels and expansion of Canal Street as an endless district of growth. The experiment is in the process of reformatting its' presence and permanence in other locations. Stay tuned!

Oya! Market

St Claude Ave, New Orleans


9/2014 to 9/2015

OYA! Market is a community based art and vendor partnership of local entrepreneurs. The retail facility provides an environment for artists and home-based artisans who present their works and products to an ever evolving and diverse target market of both city residents and tourists.  The Market is currently refurbishing new space in the area.