The Queens Collection

Within each culture, from Africa to China to the Island Nations of Oceana, there have been Queen status women.  Some were the wives of Chiefs, some  were their mothers or sisters; however, many were female shamans, griots, military leaders, midwives, agricultural and financial decision makers for their countries, territories, villages.  As of 2015, the role of the Queen Mothers has been reinstated within the political systems of 36 of the 56 countries in Africa. This collection honors them.  This collection is designed for women everywhere who have earned their power, influence and grace.  Our past is revived, our present radiating, our future....possible.

Queens Arm Guard 1

Queen Aimata Pomare IV, Tahiti

The Honorable Annie Dodge Wauneka, Navajo, AZ

Empress Leizu-Xi Ling Shi, China

Queens Arm Guard 1

Queen Mother Africa, Miriam Makeba

Queen Tye, Nubian Queen of Egypt

Queen Inari Kunate, Mali